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Working towards a 21st Century Liberal, Secular Democracy


Meta-Culture envisions living in a caring and pluralistic society that strives to manifest the complex and seemingly conflicting values of empathy, critical thinking, dialogue, constructive debate, continuous learning and negotiation of differences. In this society all people, regardless of their biological or cultural affiliations, are vital stakeholders with the right and capacity to participate honestly and with deliberation in the public space without fear or favor. We believe that such a society would be genuinely democratic, i.e., one governed by the people themselves, where all have the right to engage actively in decision-making either through representatives or directlyeven if the laws confer voting rights only to legal citizens. Most of all, it is a society that holds itself to the highest standards of caring, reasonableness, generosity and rigorous, clear thinking.


Meta-Culture’s mission is to reinvigorate a pluralistic, liberal, secular democracy and develop it into an active and deeply participatory process. By helping communities and institutions develop an explicit social covenant and contract between diverse groups within the society, we will help develop a commonly shared set of core values about what it means to live in a mature democracy and be a constructive citizen. Building upon this we will help develop a culture that is deliberate, reasonable, humane and equitable where citizens can further their individual development and simultaneously create a strong sense of community. Our mission is to help build a robust culture of democracy so that democracy is manifested not only in the institutions (legislative, executive, judiciary) and mechanics of democracy (elections), but in a mature and humane citizenry.


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